Seoul, Korea -EHS signs


Very nice looking fire hydrants nearby a shopping center


Note the warning signs on the back of an elevator door.


Note the fire extinguisher is kept inside a container on the ground.  In US,
the fire extinguisher must be hanged above the ground.


In a subway platform, you can follow this sign to the escape mask shelf.


It is some sort of air monitoring machine inside a subway station.  If
you can identify it, please let us know.


Gas masks and a self contained breathing apparatus in a subway station.
Note:  there is only one SCBA.  So first come, first serve.


Here is the instruction to don the gas mask.  Are you following?


A close up of the mask storage bag


More instruction on donning the escape mask and self contained breathing appartus


In this subway station, there are two SCBAs and some escape masks available on the platform.


More signs inside a subway car


How to get away from a subway car inan emergency


More signs on the platform floor


Evacuation map for a subway station


How to set up an emergency stairway connecting the track and the platform.


Here is the emergency stairway


Stand firmly while standing on an escalator.


Here are the subway fire procedures


Hand sanitizer in a subway station


Another hand sanitizer in a subway station


The fire cabinet blends in very well.  The picture was taken
in a very busy shopping center


The fire cabinet blends in very well.  The picture was taken in a very busy shopping center.


A truck carrying LPG tanks.


Flashlight for an underground shopping center.


Confidence in HACCP


Hand washing poster in a museum


A flashlight and a small fire extinguisher are standard equipment in an office.


No smoking within 50 feet of an entrance.  It is inside an US army base in Seoul.


For fire and emergency, cal 119.  This picture was taken nearby a fish market.


Warning signs for overhead power lines