p Seoul, Korea. Can you read the signs in Korean? For more, Seoul, Korea -EHS signs
You do not need to know Japanese to understand this sign. For more, Japan – EHS signs
The hotel calls it “security scattering sketch”. It should be better labeled as “fire evacuation route”. Let’s see if you can follow instruction!!!!!!The picture was taken in a hotel in Shen Zhen, Canton, China.
For more, Mainland China – EHS Signs
A notice from a local transportation company. “For the prevention of Avian Flu, all our buses are being cleaned and sterilized daily”.Again, the picture was taken from Park Island, Hong Kong. For more, Hong Kong – EHS signs
It is a salmon crossing sign. Where can you find a sign like this? By Stanley Park, Vancouver, Canada. For more, Vancouver – EHS signs
You may not be able to read in Samoa language. You can still understand the water pollution message. For more, American Samoa – EHS signs