Sealife park got fined for $130,000

On Dec 18, 2018, Star Advertiser stated that  SeaLife Park was fined by HIOSH for $130,000 for mulitple citaitons.   We looked up the and could not find anything about Sealife park (as of 12/25/18).  It will be interesting to see what citations that HIOSH issued once they are available on

More pictures

We have uploaded more pictures about environmental health and safety signs in Vietnam and Taiwan.  Enjoy!

Hurricane Lane

Hurricane Lane is coming.  It may hit Oahu or Kauai directly IF it does not make sharp turn.  Keep your fingers crossed, and prepare for the worst.



Five years, not Three years, for OSHA Repeat Violations

In the old days, say, before 2015, OSHA could only go back three years for repeat violations.  In those days, if you got cited a serious citation, you might just pay a small fine, and hoped you would not get a repeat citation in the following three years.  Starting in 2015, OSHA might go back FIVE (5) years for repeat violations.    Contesting a serious citation may become necessary because the potential for getting a repeat violation can cost a fortune, which can be as high as $129336.  If you get cited a serious citation coming from a routine operation, you may want to review your safety policy and consider fighting the citation.  That serious citation can become a very expensive repeat citation five years down the road.

Volcano Eruption

As a former FEMA safety officer, I worked on federally declared disasters.  Those disasters such as hurricanes and rainstorms are relatively predictable, at least people will know when the disaster will come to an end.   We can estimate when a hurricane will hit, and vanish.   However, we do not know when the volcano eruption will start or end.  The eruption may last for months, years or even decades.  It all depends on Pele, the goddess.

Mumps in Hawaii

As of April 12, 2018:
There are 958 confirmed cases of mumps.

Case count by county:
Honolulu: 772
Hawaii: 134
Kauai: 49
Maui: 3


MMR  ( measles, mumps, and rubella) vaccination is highly recommended by the state DOH.  Good personal hygiene including frequent hand washing is a great way to prevent mumps.

First rat lungworm disease on Oahu


Now it is official.  State Department of Health has confirmed the first new case of rat lungworm disease in an Oahu resident in 2017.  There are a total of 16 confirmed cases statewide.



Here comes the flu season again.  Center for Disease Control and Prevention, under the US Department of Health and Human Services recommend vaccinations.  Please check with your doctor for flu shots information.


Starting Jan 1, 2017, the minimum wage for Hawaii will be $9.25 per hour, an increase of $0.75 per hour.  Making minimum wage is hard to live in an expensive city like Hawaii.  Anyway, an increase of $0.75 per hour translate to extra $6 per 8-hour day.  What can you buy for $6?  Maybe a bubble milk tea!!!

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On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the brand, BAPE® launched a special project of “BAPE XXV”. In addition to the 25th anniversary limited items, it also ushered in a joint cooperation with several brands.The BAPE® x adidas ultra boost homme combines two classic elements, one on the world’s best-selling cushioned Ultra Boost, and one on BAPE®’s most recognizable green camouflage.

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With the advent of the fall, adidas launched a new color scheme for the mid-shoe Ultra Boost Mid, which will be available soon.

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